Advance Cataract Surgery

Cataract is the clouding of our natural lens with age or due to disease or drug (most commonly steroids) side effect. Cataract is normally an ageing change and most of us will develop it at some time or the other. Diabetic patients develop cataracts at a comparatively younger age.
The symptoms of cataract are frequent change in glasses, need for brighter light for reading, clouding of vision, glare, and sometimes multiple shadowy images. The treatment is simple with modern surgery in which a Phacoemulisification probe enters the eye through a small self healing incision, emulsifies the lens matters and sucks it in. An artificial lens or IOL is implanted in the eye to replace the natural lens.
IOL are of many types and you will be counselled regarding the suitability of each for your eye after some measurements of your eye are taken (BIOMETRY).
The most commonly used lenses are MONOFOCAL IOLs which correct our vision for distance only and reading glasses are required for near work.
MULTIFOCAL/TRIFOCAL IOLs correct both distance and near vision and remove dependency on glasses for any kind of work.
TORIC IOLs are meant to correct CYLINDRICAL powers and are available as MONOFOCAL or MULTIFOCAL IOLs. This option is given to any patient who shows a significant cylindrical power on measurement.

Our centre is equipped with state of the art machines for safe and advanced cataract surgery.
Operating Microscope by Zeiss Lumera and Leica
Alcon VERION is an image guided system we use to enhance our cataract surgery outcomes especially for premium IOLs like Toric and Multifocal.
Latest Phaco machines Alcon Centurion Gold
Laser cataract surgery using ZEPTO technology
We provide a range of intra ocular lens (IOL) implants both imported and Indian including premium IOLs like Multifocals and IOLs.