Eye Gym Vision Therapy & Children Eye Health

Apart from all diagnostic equipment we also have a specialised VISION THERAPY clinic. It is equipped with the Synoptophore for pleoptic exercises (in lazy eye) and the latest in this field- the vision therapy system 4 (VTS4) which is a computerized system that uses a wide screen 3D HD television with liquid crystal glasses and an X-Box gaming console for the diagnosis and management of various eye problems like computer vision syndrome, Lazy eye, focusing weakness, muscle imbalances and certain squints. The exercises are easy, effective and fun with quicker recovery as compared to traditional methods. They are usually done at the hospital under supervision in 10-15 sessions of 30-45 minutes each. Home exercise software is also available for the treatment of lazy eye, muscle and/or focusing weakness and requires only a regular desktop or laptop. A special software for perceptual vision problems in children with learning disabilities is also available as home VT.