Cashless & Insurance Desk

We are empanelled by all the leading health insurance companies. An updated list is available here. Some are also available via our Ajanta Hospital and IVF research centre Eye OPD branch located in Alambagh near Bus stand. A dedicated TPA cell is present for all TPA related queries and paperwork, for the convenience of the patients.



1. Refractive
a. Topography- to study the surface of the cornea – before spectacle removal surgery by LASIK laser
b. Pachymetry- to measure thickness of cornea before LASIK and in Glaucoma patients
2. Cataract
a. IOL master- for lens power measurement
b. AB scan- combined A-scan and B-scan
c. A scan- immersion biometry – for eye length measurement
d. Keratometry – for measurement of corneal curvature
e. Verion – image guided system for pre-operative and intraoperative guidance to enhance accuracy and consistency in cataract refractive surgery

3. Glaucoma
a. Perimetry ( Humphry Visual Field) - to test field of vision-usually required in glaucoma and neuro-ophthalmology problems
4. Retina
a. OCT –Cirrus HDOCT – to look for swelling etc in the retina
b. FFA- fundus fluorescein imaging. Retinal images taken after injection of dye into the arm to study blood vessels of the retina
c. Fundus camera- mydriatic and non mydriatic – to take image of the retina
d. Bscan- ultrasonography of eye
5. Paediatric
a. RETCAM- paediatric retinal imaging system
b. Vision therapy (VT) diagnostics for muscle imbalances and focusing weakness/computer vision syndrome
c. Synoptophore
d. Complete Orthoptic evaluation



An in-house pharmacy ensures that patients don’t have to go searching for their prescribed eye medicines all over town. Our pharmacist will patiently explain the dosage as per prescription to ensure that there is no error in using the medicines.



An optical outlet is available with a good range of spectacles to suit all pockets. We also keep special frames for children.



A complete eye check up takes time. Use the waiting time to relax and unwind with a little help from our refreshments corner. There’s nothing like a chilled fizzy drink to give some relief on a hot summer day or the warmth of a cup of tea on a rainy afternoon. The calorie conscious can choose from flavoured milk or fruit juices. All items are available at MRP.



Technology has a very important role to play in eye surgery and is constantly being upgraded. The world has become one global village and we now have access to the world’s best technologies in India. We at SAM Eye Hospital have acquired the latest equipment from all over the world for giving the best to our patients.
So larger Single eye hospitals are much better equipped in eyecare since they have to buy only one of each.So they can buy top of the line equipment. This is one of the reason for standalone eye hospitals are doing much better work and are more popular.

  • Located in the Central Business Hub of Lucknow - Hazratganj
  • Ample Parking Space
  • Approx 10,000 sqft dedicated to eyecare over 3 floors
  • Only Eye Hospital in UP with a Separate floor for Children with Play Area
  • In House Optical Outlet
  • Hygienic Daycare Wards