1. World's best Technology and Infrastructure

About Technology

Technology has a very important role to play in eye surgery and is constantly being upgraded. The world has become one global village and we now have access to the world’s best technologies in India. We at SAM Eye Hospital have acquired the latest equipment from all over the world for giving the best to our patients.

Our directors having worked in the corporate sector realised that Its a myth that large corporates have better equipment in eyecare. Any hospital chain with multiple branches or a multi speciality hospital cannot afford to have the top of line equipment for eyecare simply because of the high cost of equipments. So they compromise with lower end models of equipment as they have to buy for each branch.

So larger Single eye hospitals are much better equipped in eyecare since they have to buy only one of each.So they can buy top of the line equipment. This is one of the reason for standalone eye hospitals are doing much better work and are more popular.

As of April 2020 the following top end equipment at SAM Eye is owned by less than 5 percent hospitals in India.

1. Computer Assisted Artificial Intelligence Based VERION System by Alcon USA for Image Guided Cataract Surgery
2. Alcon Centurion with Active Fluidics - The World’s Best Machine for Laser Cataract Surgery
3. Lumera I , high end surgical microscope from Carl Zeiss, Germany.
4. IOL Master 700 - The World’s Best Machine for calculating exact Lens power for Cataract Surgery
5. Alcon Constellation Vitrectomy Platform for 27G Sutureless Retina Surgery
6. RETCAM by Clarity Systems,USA - The Only machine in UP for taking images of the Infants retina.
7. Vision Therapy System VTS 4 - Only one in UP for Eye Muscle Exercise and Lazy eye
8. Carl Zeiss Cirrus 4000 - High End OCT for detecting Diabetic Eye Disease
9. Carl Zeiss Angiography with ICG - For Retinal Disease


  • Located in the Central Business Hub of Lucknow - Hazratganj
  • Ample Parking Space
  • Approx 10,000 sqft dedicated to eyecare over 3 floors
  • Only Eye Hospital in UP with a Separate floor for Children with Play Area
  • In House Optical Outlet
  • Hygienic Daycare Wards

2. Traditional Mindset

All Cataracts DO NOT NEED immediate cataract surgery We are proud of the fact that we refuse more surgery than we perform. Lot of patients come to us scared that they have been advised “URGENT” cataract surgery by someone. In our view cataract surgery is required only if it is affecting someones vision or lifestyle. Otherwise it is usually never an emergency. Inspite of all modern advancements and the safety of surgery we still feel we would not want unnecessary surgery for our family. And we follow the same principles for our patients. Money we feel should be earned the honest way and we feel doctors have an obligation towards their patients to be ethical.

Equipment are to be used only when required We are proud of our top end instrumentation but firmly believe in investigations only if the patient actually needs them.

The Best way out may not always be fast and easy - Slow & Steady Wins the Race Sometimes difficult diseases need time and patience to win over them. We may spend more time solving your problems or you may require multiple visits. We do not count the minutes spent on a patient and expect the patients also to understand and cooperate.

3. Specialist group of doctors

Equipment and infrastructure is only as good as the brains and skills behind them. We have a team of super specialist doctors with more than a decades experience behind them. All of them have been trained in Tamilnadu, the Mecca of eye surgery in India. They have spent the best years of their lives far away from home to acquire specialist skills for being able to provide the best possible treatment to patients back home in Lucknow. So each person gets the latest treatment possible by these specialists and together they cover almost all specialities in eyecare. Our doctors have been recognised nationally and internationally for their work in ophthalmology.

4. Personalised Approach

The Patient is Not Just a Number or statistic at SAM Eye Hospital.

Our valuable patient base is 30 years old and they are like family to us. Many families come to SAM eye since generations and we know so many of them by their names and discuss so much more than only their eye problems. Each day we look forward to meeting a set of old and new family and friends. This helps us in enjoying what we do and also results in more honest and better decisions for our patients.

We and our patients choose the ease of conversation of a family as opposed to the fear of conversation with a doctor. There is enough research to prove that a friendly and happy environment helps in better physical and mental well being.